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Northeast Quality Service LLC is ISO certified manufacturing plant. Every component and assemble that is shipped goes through a variety of rigorous inspection checkpoints. Starting with the engineering staff which reviews material specifications to plating to special tooling. They review all specifications pertaining to your product.

All products go thru first piece, in-process, lot and final inspection prior to shipment. We provide material and process certifications as required.  Our facility has a state of the art inspection department to monitor, inspect, and release products for shipping.





Thru ISO we understand the importance of documenting and standardizing all aspects of the manufacturing process ensuring a consistent and reliable result every time. Our MRB system allows us to track and get progress on every lot of parts and every component on each assembly. Traceability of product thru the production process allows us to be in complete control of the entire supply change and manufacturing schedule.





Quality Control Equipment


Northeast Quality Service continues to invest in the newest high-tech quality control equipment. We use fully programmable and automated methods to ensure the highest level of constant quality is maintained at all times. 

Our quality lab includes:

CNC programmable Vision machines

Probe and Light CMMs

Visual Comparators

Fully integrated Calibration system

And more......


Quality it's not a department is our #1 priority .....

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